Standardization and CBRN Workshop | 22 September 2014 | CEN-CENELEC Brussels

On 22nd September 2014 PRACTICE Standardization Workshop was held at CEN-CENELEC in Brussels, Belgium. The event was organised by CEN, partner of the PRACTICE and leader of the task under the Dissemination Workpackage.

The workshop was organized to discuss outcomes of the PRACTICE project with a standardization potential and to understand any standardization needs or opportunities that would result from the project.

Representatives of other still ongoing research projects on security were also invited (EDEN, SUBCOP, CATO, IFREACT, EMPHASIS, SLAM) to present their views and experiences.

There was also a representative from the relevant CEN Technical Committee 391 (CEN/TC 391) Societal and Citizen security.

During the preparation of the event, some project partners took the view that the knowledge of consortium partners about standardization was rather limited and it would make sense that the event agenda would include the standardization system principles, possible standards content, the collaboration with recognized standards organisations (ISO) etc.

The workshop meeting started with a generic presentation on standardization to ensure that all participants get an equal understanding of what standardization is about. The presentation explained what CEN and CENELEC are, what standards and other deliverables the standardization system produces and how standards and regulation can interlink .

Following these general concepts, sector-specific information was given in some detail of the standardization activities undertaken in CEN in the security domain. Finally, considering that PRACTICE is a FP7 project, there was also given some forward looking information on how CEN and CENELEC see their role in promoting the value of standardization in support of future Horizon 2020 projects, including the practical measures that are in place to make this happen.

At the workshop, two concrete suggestions for further standardization were presented and discussed:

  • The case of a CBRN contamination in complex indoor infrastructures.
  • The need for CBRN iconography.

The following presentations from the PRACTIE Standardization Workshop have been made available online in PDF version:


Participation at this workshop, coming from a wide range of stakeholders from both inside and outside the PRACTICE consortium showed that there is an increased awareness and interest on making the project outcomes a business practice across Europe.