3rd Stakeholder Workshop | 6-7 May 2014, Sando, Sweden

PRACTICE 3rd Stakeholder workshop focused on the usefulness of PRACTICE Toolbox for training purposes. Many Swedish stakeholders relevant for the focus of the workshop had already been on-site and the specially invited guest also came for the event.



The Workshop was organized in the same way as the previous one in Pionki. On the first day workshop participants had a chance to observe the Live Exercise – dedicated to ‘R’ threat and on the second day the works game/training session was organised. The goal of the game was to build the contingency plan for high risk plant located in Köping (Sweden) by the use of modern technologies integrated in the Toolbox.

After the introduction to Toolbox and game workshop participants were divided into 5 smaller groups, which with support of Toolbox Experts (2 per group) had to build their own contingency plan for the high risk plan. The game session went smoothly and proofed the usefulness of Toolbox for training to the CBRN threats.



Second part of the workshop was devoted for the presentation of the preliminary evaluation results of the Training Kit validation and integration exercise conducted on previous day and in March 2014 in Umea.

Last part of the workshop was a summary of the workshop, moderated by Astri Polska, which allowed to obtain valuable feedback from first responders on the use of the Toolbox for training purposes.