BIO-PROTECT/PRACTICE Workshop, January 23rd, 2014, Paris

On January, 23rd in Paris, 2 key programs on CBRN-E research FP7 will be presented in a single day conference.




BIO-PROTECT FP7 project  (half day)

The use of Anthrax spores on civilians in late 2001 has shown the necessity to protect European citizens from criminal or terrorist use of biological agents.

The concept of BIO-PROTECT is the development of a fast-alert, easy-to-use device to be applied for detection and identification of airborne bacteria, spores, viruses and toxins.

Its technology is based on bio aerosol detection by fluorescence, scattering and background aerosol measurement followed by ionization of air flow and analysis of the spectrum of relative speed of passage, which, in turns, enables identification of harmful biological agents. This device may also be used for controlling potential accidental release of bio-agents from biotechnology laboratories.

The half day final conference will present the results of this project. The prototype of the system will be on display.


The FP7-PRACTICE project:  2/3 term presentation (half day)

The PRACTICE project will improve the preparedness and resilience of EU member states and associated countries from an attack by a terrorist group using non-conventional weapons, specifically an attack with CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and/or Nuclear) materials.

Considering that the existing situation is characterized by a fragmented structure in terms of technology, procedures, methods and organization on a national and EU-level, PRACTICE will develop a new concept of “toolbox” focusing on:

  • Identification, organization and establishment of knowledge of critical elements in the event structure through studies of a wide selection of scenarios, real incidents and exercises;
  • Analysis and identification of gaps in the current response situation, and organization and integration of the allocated response capabilities or functions in a toolbox of equipment, procedures and methods; and
  • An allocated system or public information kit for decision-support, first-responder training and exercise.

The concept and toolbox will therefore provide EU and member states with a flexible and integrated system for coordinated response to CBRN terrorist attacks.

The half-day conference will present the situation of the program, the development of the Toolbox as well as a brief after the first full scale exercise “ARDEN” which took place in Birmingham last August.


Workshop programme.

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