Scenarios and critical event parameters

The objectives of this component are to:

firefighter 2

  • produce a template scenario and requirements to be used to make a selection of appropriate and representative C, B, R scenarios;
  • using selected scenarios and experience from excercises, real events and experience from earlier relevant projects, identify, describe and organize sets of critical event parameters/observables characterizing the vents, which first responders and authorities use as input for selecting, prioritising and, in a number of cases, developing appropriate emergency preparedness and response measures;
  • identify a set of non-terrorist accident scenarios which will be used as reference to sort out CBRN-specific parameters/observables;
  • to create a set of publicly available CBRN scenarios that can be used by European countries for emergency preparedness planning, education, training and excercises.

Partners working on this component are FFI, Cassidian SAS, TNO, King’s College London, CBRNE Ltd, NCSRD, FOI, UCL, Astri Polska and SGSP. FFI acts as coordinator and is responsible for the work on scenarios and critical event parameters.