PRACTICE ARDEN Exercise, 15th Aug 2013, Birmingham UK

Full Scale International Civil Protection CBRN Field Exercise.

First of a series of exercises integrating and validating in real environments the outcome of the project, PRACTICE Toolbox will be held in Birmingham on 15th August 2013.

The project PRACTICE exercises will cover different conditions and challenges related to CBRN threats and will be conducted by actual end-users in a highly international composition in realistic environments. The views of end-users will represent a significant added value for projects conclusions and will be collected during the special Workshop for Stakeholder Experts organised on Friday, 16th August 2013.

The field integration and validation exercises will complement each other by testing different aspects of the toolbox and training kits produced. They will test the toolbox functions in different EU countries and different CBRN preparedness and response cultures. In particular, the last large scale final-field exercise (May 2014,Pionki,Poland) will have a truly international character.

All events will be organized with focus on creating a realistic environment and taking into account practical aspects specific to CBRN hazards, to ensure the validity of tests.

The ARDEN Exercise itself will take place on 15th August 2013 and evaluation will be carried out by CBRNE ltd. in cooperation with FOI and FFI. The exercise will demonstrate preparedness and response to a CBRN incident in crowded indoor space. Characteristics of enclosed space, limited number of entrances, mazelike structure, large crowds of moving people, presence of surveillance and blocked ways of approach. The ARDEN Exercise will also give the opportunity to evaluate methods for management of human, social and ethical aspects of CBRN resilience.

The event is organised by CBRNE Ltd.

  • Invitation to the Stakeholders’ Workshop can be found here.
  • The venue is the Birmingham International Convention Centre (BirminghamCity) – logistical details are in the Joining Instructions can be also seen on line.


PRACTICE 8.4 Public Workshop Venue Lucas House 26th Jan 2011 PRACTICE 8.4 Public Workshop Venue Lucas House 26th Jan 2011

Pictures from PRACTICE Public Workshop organised on 26th Jan 2011 by CBRNE Ltd


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