Critical Parameters & Consequences of CBRN Events, 26-27 Oct., Warsaw

The international seminar concerning critical parameters and consequences of CBRN events due to public administration entities, inspections and emergency services, will be held in Warsaw, Poland 26-27 October 2011 in the framework of Work on Operational Functions in the PRACTICE project.

The aim of the event is to analyze the scope of Polish institutions and potential scenarios of CBRN incidents. The results of the meeting will be directly implemented into the work of the PRACTICE consortium. The issues of the preparation, recognition and response to risks associated with weapons of mass destruction are becoming more and more significant at the national, as well as European and global level. The seminar will be used to exchange ideas and experiences and to determine the current situation in this area in Poland, as well as to strengthen cooperation between inspections, safety services, guards and other institutions having a direct impact on these activities. During the seminar scenarios of CBRN accidents proposed by PRACTICE consortium will be discussed to collect feedback from end-user entities involved in response and crisis management processes.

Two languages will be used during the seminar: Polish and English (consecutive interpreting). Admission is free and the organizers will provide catering during the event.

Give a presentation:

You are welcome to give a presentation at the seminar. In order to specify the topic, please contact the head of the PRACTICE project at the Main School of Fire Service:

Dr Marcin Smolarkiewicz, phone: +48 22 56 17 541; e-mail:mmsmolarkiewicz@sgsp.edu.pl


The organizers plan the seminar of an academical character and with an open form of participation for everyone, hoping for a constructive and expert discussion.

Application forms are due by 7 October 2011 via email to:akrzeminska@sgsp.edu.pl with a copy to: mmsmolarkiewicz@sgsp.edu.pl

Seminar agenda application 26_27 Oct Warsaw


13:00 - 13:20, The Main School of Fire Service (SGSP), S??owackiego 52/54, 01-629 Warszawa

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