SELEX Galileo Ltd

Selex Galileo

SELEX Galileo Ltd (formerly Sensors and Airborne Systems Limited, herein known as SELEX) was formed in May 2005 by bringing together BAE Systems Avionics group and Finmeccanica‚??s Galileo Avionica. It is wholly owned by Finmeccanica. The company is Europe's third largest defence electronics business, employing 7,050 people in the UK, Italy and the United States. Specialising in integrated sensor solutions, SELEX is a leader in surveillance, protection, tracking, targeting, imaging systems and avionic suites.

SELEX is a long-established supplier of defence systems worldwide. It has been involved in a range of R&D-oriented projects examining electro-optical and electro-magnetic techniques for the remote detection, recognition, identification and tracking of difficult targets. Recent changes in the military market and the emergence of Home Land Security (HLS)/civil defence as an increasing priority for the international community has led to SELEX developing into these adjacent markets driven by a request to investigate the application of core military technology to HLS. SELEX in Edinburgh is now working to deliver threat detection capabilities (CBRNE) and system integration capabilities to the delivery of tactical HLS solutions. These solutions cover surveillance, border, utility and facility protection and the screening of vehicles, cargo and personnel. The development of sensor solutions to support HLS can be seen as direct extension of the kinds of requirements (derived from military targeting) that have driven SELEX product development in the past.

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