Netherlands Forensic Institute

The Netherlands Forensic Institute is a governmental organisation which resides under the Ministry of Justice and is situated in the Hague, the Netherlands. It is the preferred supplier of forensic investigations and forensic consultancy for the national police forces, law enforcement agencies and criminal courts, including the International Criminal Court. On a yearly basis over 100 000 exhibits and samples are examined in more than 45 000 cases.

In addition to its core business of forensic case examination, the NFI invests in research and development in the forensic domain and contributes to forensic education with the NFI Academy. The NFI Academy delivers dedicated courses to amongst others universities, the national police academy and post graduate programmes for prosecutors, attorneys and judges.

Since 2007, seven departments collaborate in a nationally funded CBRN programme envisioning the preparation and technical development necessary for a forensic response to CBRN incidents. Subjects included are for example

  • research strategies and techniques to find the source and identity of biological, chemical and radiological agents,
  • the search for decontamination methods that do not destroy forensic traces (e.g. DNA contact traces, fingerprints),
  • the establishment and training of an operational forensic CBRN team,
  • expertise and knowledge dissemination for partners in the law enforcement chain of supply and,
  • the design of mass casualty DNA identification software.

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