IB Consultancy

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IB Consultancy is a Defence and Security consultancy company. Our main ambition is to make this world a safer and more secure place. To achieve this, we provide Defence and Security solutions to governments, and trade & industry. Our solutions are always fully tailored to your requirements to help you reach your objectives.

Our services include:

  • CBRNe Research Consultancy. IB Consultancy offers its clients expert knowledge on threats, risk and vulnerability assessment, and CBRNe countermeasures.
  • Business Consultancy and Public Affairs. IB Consultancy advises companies on their optimal business development strategies in the defence and security market.
  • Training. IB Consultancy develops custom made training (class courses and e-learning courses)
  • Security Events and Conferences. IB Consultancy organises worldwide Security Events and Conferences.

Our highly experienced consultants are all renowned experts in their fields. Their backgrounds include international organisations, national government departments and research institutes dealing with CBRNe issues.

IB Conslutancy is no longer working in the PRACTICE project. Their responsibilities have been taken over by other partners.