The Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) is an assignment-based authority under the Ministry of Defence.

FOI employs around 1000 people and has a total turnover of 130M€. The core activities are research, method and technology development, as well as studies for the use of defence, security and safety. FOI proposes problem solving based on new knowledge and new technology. Also, FOI provides its customers with leading expertise in a large number of fields of application through inhouse competence and wide-ranging networks. Areas of application, which are both military and civil, include security-policy studies and analysis in defence and security, assessment of different types of threats, systems for control and management of crises, protection against and management of hazardous substances, IT-security and the potential of new sensors. In terms of research areas projects range over a broad spectrum from technology and natural sciences to medicine and social sciences. Increasing the co-operation with civil research and development activities is a strategic choice to accomplish a long term vision of making FOI’s competence even more useful to all parts of European society. This puts a high priority on extending and enhancing networks and co-operative efforts with universities, institutes and industries in Europe.

FOI is divided into five divisions, each divided into several departments. The main involvement in this project will come from the divisions of CBRN Defence and Security, Defence Analysis and Information Systems.

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