Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) was founded in 1946 and is organised as an administrative agency subordinate to the Ministry of Defence.
FFI has a staff of 716, where 515 are scientific staff. 


FFI is the prime institution responsible for defence related research in Norway. Its principal mission is to carry out research and development to meet the requirements of the Armed Forces. FFI is the chief adviser on defence related science and technology to the political and military leadership. A particular task for the institute is to investigate aspects of the development in science and military technology that can influence our security policy or defence planning.

The Protection Division is a national centre of expertise in protection against weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and conventional weapons. Activities are threat assessment, vulnerability analysis and protection measurements. The division makes assessments of the existing contingency plans and makes recommendations for improvements. The division also develops techniques for detecting the use of WMD, as well as the development and testing of protective equipment and medical treatment for nerve gas poisoning.

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