Training kits

training kits

The objective of this component is to build a CBRN cisis management-specific training kit for first responders and trainers, VIPs, and, to some extent, the general public. It will be built with 4 levels:

  • a database of real or simulated tools from the toolbox,
  • a simulation capability for tool combinations along scenarios with the capability to integrate 3 (4)-D geoinformation, for planning and impact assessment,
  • provision for a synthetic excercise environment (interoperability of different role simulators) together with
  • the possibility to connect to real equipment.


The partners working on this component are UmU – European CBRNE CenterFFIAstrium S.A.S.TNOKing’s College LondonCBRNE LtdNCSRDFOIUCLNetherlands Forensic InstituteSUJCHBOSELEX Sistemi Integrati and SELEX Galileo Ltd. Astrium S.A.S. acts as coordinator and is responsible for the work on the training kits.