The toolbox will be a web-based database with a catalogue of exisiting and innovative components provided and developed during the PRACTICE project by the partners and the members of the Supplier Platform, validated by the Users. These tools, including procedures, maps, organisations, etc., that evolve slowly will form the a priori “static knowledge” base of the toolbox (independent from the current or fast evolving events). It will be connected to real equipment and systems that will feed the toolbox with dynamic information such as sensor measurements, real time information flows from various sources, human intelligence, etc. This “dynamic knowledge” will provide the situation awareness and control necessary to prevent and manage a specific crisis and increase resilience. For preparedness and planning phases, the toolbox will be fed by simulated dynamic sources (simulated sensors, command and control systems, etc.).

    The tools will be organized in 6 categories:

    • Recommendations
    • Standards
    • Protocols/procedures
    • Equipment and systems: hardware, software, with performances, Technology Readiness Levels, validation/certification status
    • Simulated environment
    • Real equipment and system emulation capabilities

     The project PRACTICE Toolbox concept is illustrated on the below graphic. Click on the specific parts of the Toolbox graphic on the main page to get into the PRACTICE TOOLBOX!PRACTICE Toolbox concept