Toolbox integration and development

toolbox integration and validation

The objective of this component is to develop, integrate and test a complete toolbox for first responders, decision makers and the public, including innovative components developed during the project to provide an improved and integrated preparedness and response to CBRN events.


The tools will be organized in 6 categories:

  • Recommendations
  • Standards
  • Protocols/procedures
  • Equipment and systems: hardware, software, with performances, Technology Readiness Levels, validation/certification status
  • Simulated environment
  • Real equipment and system emulation capabilities


The partners working on this component are FFIAstrium S.A.S.Cassidian SASTNOKing’s College LondonCBRNE LtdNCSRDFOIUCLNetherlands Forensic InstituteSUJCHBOSELEX Sistemi IntegratiSELEX Galileo LtdPrometech, Bruhn Newtech A/S and HCFDC Services. Astrium S.A.S. acts as coordinator and is responsible for the work on toolbox integration and development.